Breakdown Event

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2024 – The Year of the Glitch

We have been promising it for a bit, but here it finally is: Astroneer’s 2024 roadmap.

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Hey all! Can’t believe it is already December, some kind of big things have changed since our last update, but we are still the same System Era. Click here to read more. As far as Astroneer goes, I have some good news and bad news. The good: Astroneer will see a full roadmap of updates in 2024!!! The bad? We still have a bit of rough weather to work through so we aren’t quiiiite ready yet to share more details about the plan. Rest assured we have new items, missions, and gameplay planned to ship throughout the year.

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EXO F.A.R.M. Limited Time Event

It’s time again to gather hard-working Astroneers and band together for EXO Dynamics in the Fuel Acquisition, Renewal & Maintenance event! Sturdysquash are in season and can be farmed in bulk to be processed in Cauldrangea plants. Ship off the products to EXO for points and rewards!

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EXO Automated Mass Production Protocol

The Automated Mass Production Protocol returns! Astroneers are asked to undertake the creation of large quantities of valuable resource nuggets to send off via the EXO Request Platform in exchange for useful goodies and stylish customizations.

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Custom Games Patch Notes

We are so excited to get this into the communities’ hands and I personally am so proud of the team for this one. This was my first update at the helm of the team working on Astroneer and I am consistently so surprised that our little 6-year-old game is still showing up in bestseller lists and making millions more players happy. Can’t wait to share what we have coming next.

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An Awakening

Hello. I wanted to be sure you saw this. We will talk soon. Please pay attention when we meet. The task I have for you is very important.

You must finish all other priority missions beforehand. I will find you when you are ready. Do not worry. You will know when it is time.

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Holiday Event 2022

It’s time for helpful Astroneers to lend their skills to EXO Dynamics in support of the yearly holiday toy drive! Find and transport toys scattered across planetary surfaces or rig up your own printing production line for delivery via the EXO Request Platform module.

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Update 1.26

Update 1.26 is available now for Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. The update for Nintendo Switch is in on the way, and we’ll update you when we have a release date.

This update sees the return of the EXO F.A.R.M event, a new vehicle, a new small piece of equipment, and some other curious new discoveries across the planets.

A variety of bug fixes and quality of life improvements also accompany this update.

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HOTFIX 1.25.152

This hotfix addresses bugs introduced in the Rails Update including issue with activation slots, junction failures after leaving relevance, nav points for chess figurines, and more.

This update is available for all platforms today, Thursday, August 18, 2022!

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