The Breakdown Event is available now for players on Steam, Xbox, Microsoft Store, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch.

Trigger the Breakdown Event by completing the Battery Backup mission and claiming the mission reward at any Landing Pad. Next, open your compass and equip your drill as you make your way into the caves to uncover the mysteries below. Fulfill the requirements presented in the EXO Request Platform to begin mending the anomalies within the system.

But beware, the caves are like a maze, posing the risk of getting lost amidst their complex twists and turns. Prepare yourself for unique hazards, including toxic gas, aggressive flora, and treacherous terrain.

Dive into all three stages of the event for a triple dose of adventure!

The Breakdown Event is available now for players on Steam, Xbox, Microsoft Store, and Playstation.

Please watch our social media channels for an announcement about the Nintendo Switch release. The update has been submitted and is pending approval.

EXO Dynamics rewards contributions with:

The EXO Request Platform is now more accessible with reduced byte costs and a simpler recipe.

Five-Year Anniversary Hat

Astroneer is turning 5 years old! Whether you’ve been with us for 5 minutes or 5 years, we want to thank you for being part of our continued success. Visit EXO Outfitters in February to claim your exclusive Fifth Anniversary party hat for free! Here’s to many more years of fun, friendship, and adventure together!


The following bugs have been fixed as of version

• AS-5646: The correct SFX play now when a resource is consumed by a puzzle

• AS-19100: The Contour Palette should now appear correctly on all Hats and Masks

Custom Games:
• AS-19517: Starting Biome should now be listed in the game configuration page in the Astropedia

• AS-19027: The intro cinematic can now be skipped on Xbox

• AS-18799: Singular Substance mission description should now be translated in all supported languages
• AS-19750: “Travelling Companion” objectives should now be correctly translated in Russian

Main Menu:
• AS-19881: The Main Menu Message of the Day is now properly hidden upon dismissal when visiting the store customization menu
• AS-19886: The Main Menu Message of the Day can now be closed by clicking the close button
• AS-19804: Images in the Full Screen Message of the Day now have corrected aspect ratio

• AS-19763: Clients can no longer join before the host has left their dropship

Tool tips:
• AS-19746: One-Time Tooltips should now appear correctly on Rail Post bundles