Gina Cowart


This hotfix addresses a few minor issues discovered in the latest update and will be available to players on all platforms today, Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

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The Fall Update Patch Notes

The Fall Update is here and this season’s EXO F.A.R.M Event has begun, try using the new Proximity Repeater to help you sow Sturdysquash Seeds and unlock fun new cosmetic rewards. The Trade Platform now also accepts Astronium in exchange for useful items and resources. Read on for more Fall Update details, including the addition […]

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Community Roundup 003

Welcome back, Astroneers! Last month saw the release of the Jet Powered Update, where we introduced the VTOL, our first aircraft, and the Hoverboard. The VTOL allows players to survey planets from above or even go below ground to explore caves, and the Hoverboard lets you glide across any surface with great speed and ease. […]

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Community Roundup 002

Community Roundup 002 is live! Read on to see some of the best stuff our community has to offer.

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Community Roundup 001

Welcome to the first-ever Astroneer Community Roundup. Our goal is to spotlight a variety of community creations, fan art, screenshots, and other stand-out content each month. Let’s take a look back at last month to see what you all shared with us. Read to the end to learn how you can share your projects with […]

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