Gina Cowart

Holiday Event 2022

It’s time for helpful Astroneers to lend their skills to EXO Dynamics in support of the yearly holiday toy drive! Find and transport toys scattered across planetary surfaces or rig up your own printing production line for delivery via the EXO Request Platform module.

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Update 1.26

Update 1.26 is available now for Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation. The update for Nintendo Switch is in on the way, and we’ll update you when we have a release date.

This update sees the return of the EXO F.A.R.M event, a new vehicle, a new small piece of equipment, and some other curious new discoveries across the planets.

A variety of bug fixes and quality of life improvements also accompany this update.

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HOTFIX 1.25.152

This hotfix addresses bugs introduced in the Rails Update including issue with activation slots, junction failures after leaving relevance, nav points for chess figurines, and more.

This update is available for all platforms today, Thursday, August 18, 2022!

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Rails Update

Feature Updates version EXO Dynamics is proud to introduce the brand new Rails System! The Rails System brings a new mode of transportation to Astroneer that excels at efficiency and convenience. Place rail posts to build out your rail lines, and then board the new railway vehicles for a hands-free transit experience. And unlike […]

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Community Roundup 005

The Astroneer Community is full of talented artist and creators. Here are some of our favorite fan creations shared with us recently.

Share your own creations with us on Reddit, Discord, and Twitter!

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Community Initiative: Snails

Thank you all for your submissions to the Snail Friends Community Initiative! Check out our top 10 entries below, below in no particular order. All winners will receive the marble visor of their choice!!

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The Controls Update sees the return of the EXO Salvage Initiative and fun new cosmetic rewards. By popular demand, this update also brings with it the option for console players to use mouse & keyboard controls as well as remap inputs via the new Controller Settings tab!

Players will also experience a variety of other improvements like better camera response, adjustments to vehicle drills, improved Landing Zones, a handful of accessibility improvements, and a multitude of bug fixes!

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The Xenobiology Update Hotfix

This hotfix will be available for players on Steam, Xbox, Windows 10, and PlayStation on Thursday, February 3, 2022. The fix is currently in review for Nintendo Switch and will be published as soon as possible. Please check back for details.

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Xenobiology Update Patch Notes & Nintendo Switch Launch!

The Xenobiology Update introduces a new adventure where players embark on a narrative-focused mission all across the solar system to discover the secrets behind the curious Galastropods. This update will be available to players on all platforms Thursday, January 13, 2022.

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