This year’s EXO Cares includes a refresh! While you can still clean up your planets to generate scrap (and you should!!) you can also use new tappables to create a new resource by combining organic and scrap in the Small Printer. Once you complete the event, you might see some new messages from a certain someone who is trying to reach you about your rover’s extended warranty.  
New Event Item: |-|4|\|4  

New Community Goal: 

We are also adding a community charity incentive for this year’s EXO Cares event. We challenge you to plant 10,000,000 trees (all of the new tappable plants count) in your saves, and if you do, we will donate $5,000 to Conservation Northwest, a non-profit organization working to preserve wildlands, connect habitats, and restore wildlife in the Pacific Northwest. We will be updating you all on Discord and on social media of your progress towards this goal! 

(A note: planting multiple thousands of trees in the same area in your saves will likely cause your save to become unstable. We suggest you use a new save or make a copy if you really want to push yourself!) 

Also, this year we are refreshing the rewards for the event with a brand-new cosmetic set! This look makes sure that you are business up front while remaining party in the back. The power is yours to save all of our planets.

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