Feature Updates    
This update is all about harnessing the power of plants in a “sustainable” way. The Tapper can be placed on “tappable” plants that now spawn in biomes on several planets. The best part? These tappable plants can be uprooted, giving you seeds that will then allow you to plant tappable plants anywhere that is convenient! Start planting your little space orchards!  

New Item – The Tapper 

Place the tapper on any tappable plant and it will automatically generate organic that you can then feed into your crafting system, automate into carbon for power, or gather for LTEs. It doesn’t require power to operate, but it does take time for the organic to form. Warning: placing multiple tappers on one plant will split the overall output of organic from one tapper between all of the connected tappers.   

New Flora – Tappables  
Tappable plants are a new class of flora in Astroneer that spawn across the solar system. Place a tapper on them in the wild for some organic on-the-go, or uproot them for their precious seeds so you can plant some near your base for some organic farming. They also are great for adding a little bit of green around your base as decoration. While we are only allowing you to farm organic right now, we would love to hear about other tappable types you might want in the future.   


Since this update is all about plants, we are releasing the very fitting Bumble Bundle in EXO Outfitters! Get to buzzing around the solar system with this full set.   

This is a new section I will be including in patch notes this year to tease you all with the upcoming content that will be (potentially) be released in Astroneer, with the hope that things can be a bit more predictable for everyone. If you missed it, we plan on releasing two smaller content updates, The Verdant Update, and a yet-to-be-named update in the Summer.  
The Summer Update – While we are still in concept, here are some teasers for some new large structures that we are thinking about adding to make exploration more exciting!

Any suggestions for large structures that you would want to see while you are exploring?  
Glitchwalker Expansion – Work on the expansion is going well! We are spec-ing and concepting for the new content. We can’t share much, but I will say that we are going for a bit of a twist on the default Astroneer experience so we can offer some gameplay challenges that the current game does not support. I promise I will talk more about this soon on our YouTube channel and on Twitch!  You can see more here on our 2024 Roadmap.

Player Survey – Want to help us make Astroneer better? Want to tell us a joke? Got a piece of feedback? Fill out our Player Survey 001 and let us know what is on your mind.  


The following bugs have been fixed as of version   

KNOWN ISSUES: Right now we are seeing an increased crash rate on Nintendo Switch for players who were working hard to complete the Anniversary LTE. All of the added underground spawns are causing players to crash and the save will no longer load. We have a planned fix, but it will take some time to test and deploy. This fix will potentially fix saves that can currently not load due to this problem. Apologies for the issue and thanks so much for being patient while we identified and came up with a plan to fix. 
 Ok that is all, thanks for reading!