Joe Tirado

The Mission, Compass, and Power Update Patch Notes

This massive update adds new items, gameplay missions, and an updated compass to help you on your travels! It goes live later today, March 31st! Watch the trailer here: Updates Missions Missions have been added to aid players in the exploration of the world and the tools used in their journeys. Missions provide helpful rewards […]

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Astroneer 2021 Roadmap

Read more to hear about our 2021 plans, including a preview of our first update shipping this march!

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Astroneer Early Access Launch Anniversary Livestream!

Dec 16th is the 4th Anniversary of Astroneer’s public Early Access launch, and this year we decided to celebrate a little differently than we have in previous years. Starting at 7am, we will be livestreaming over at with members of the community, development team members, and influencers who have supported Astroneer throughout the years! […]

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Development Spotlight: Kristina Ness’ 2020 Concepts

This week our Concept Artist Kristina Ness posted some alternate concept work from the content we released this year!

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Astroneeer Dedicated Server Providers and Details

I will be filling this out with more details, but for now, this will serve as the master list of providers that are officially partnered with System Era to provide servers. These partners allow for cross play between Xbox, Windows 10, and Steam, and we will continue to evaluate our other platforms for integration and […]

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