Joe Tirado

The Verdant Update

Hey friends! Joe here with patch notes and an overall update on our progress for the year so far!

The Verdant Update is all about the green thumbs out there, with a brand new item and a completely new way to harness the power of organic without having to destroy the beautiful landscapes on planets. As stated in our roadmap, the Verdant Update is the first of two smaller content updates for the year as we gear up and work on our upcoming expansion that will be releasing in the fall. (More on that later)

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2024 – The Year of the Glitch

We have been promising it for a bit, but here it finally is: Astroneer’s 2024 roadmap.

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Hey all! Can’t believe it is already December, some kind of big things have changed since our last update, but we are still the same System Era. Click here to read more. As far as Astroneer goes, I have some good news and bad news. The good: Astroneer will see a full roadmap of updates in 2024!!! The bad? We still have a bit of rough weather to work through so we aren’t quiiiite ready yet to share more details about the plan. Rest assured we have new items, missions, and gameplay planned to ship throughout the year.

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Custom Games Patch Notes

We are so excited to get this into the communities’ hands and I personally am so proud of the team for this one. This was my first update at the helm of the team working on Astroneer and I am consistently so surprised that our little 6-year-old game is still showing up in bestseller lists and making millions more players happy. Can’t wait to share what we have coming next.

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Astroneer Nintendo Switch Release Date + Pre-Orders are Live!

The date is final! Astroneer will be coming to Nintendo Switch on January 13th, and you can purchase starting today to make sure you can get exclusive pre-order bonuses starting on day one!

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System Era’s Extra Life Stream 2021!

Lets cut right to the chase – JOIN OUR TEAM – DONATE HERE

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Drop 002 is Live!

Check out our next limited edition merchandise drop, including skateboards, shirts, a jacket, and lots of stickers!

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Astroneer Is Coming To Nintendo Switch!

If you caught the Nintendo Indie World Showcase today, you saw that we are proud to announce that Astroneer will be coming to Nintendo Switch!

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Jet Powered Update Hotfix 1.20.2

Update 20 Hotfix 1 Release Notes ( Hey all! This hotfix is right on the edge of a hotfix and an update, as we are including some changes to the Jet Powered update that should help make sure the update is working as intended. Updates and Tuning Increased likelihood of getting 2 or 3 EXO […]

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