Update 20 Hotfix 1 Release Notes (

Hey all! This hotfix is right on the edge of a hotfix and an update, as we are including some changes to the Jet Powered update that should help make sure the update is working as intended.

Updates and Tuning

While we really like EXO Chips, especially because they add some gameplay for Dynamite, we also want to make sure that people don’t feel like their hard work opening caches was not yielding enough of a reward. The tuning changes should make sure that you should be receiving more chips more often. EXO Chips are just another new resource, but with a different way of obtaining them!

Also, while we didn’t talk about this in the initial update, we are exploring ways we can add more options for obtaining chips for those Astroneers who really don’t want to leave their bases. More on that soon!


The following are still known issues as of version

The following bugs have been fixed as of version

Vehicle Missions



Thanks to everyone who has been playing with the new vehicles and giving feedback! Player numbers are still super high right now and we are so so excited that people are having lots of fun with the new content.