If you caught the Nintendo Indie World Showcase today, you saw that we are proud to announce that Astroneer will be coming to Nintendo Switch!

That’s right, we finally did it. We are actively working on a version of Astroneer that runs great on Nintendo Switch that will ship in early 2022. We have re-architected core systems specifically for the hardware to make sure you can enjoy the full Astroneer experience on the go, and we have worked to add functionality for Switch specific features like local co-op, support for the pro-controller & more. The Switch version will include all content that we have shipped to date, as well as a brand new update when it goes live.

You can check out the store listing and wishlist here: Astroneer On Nintendo Switch

We know you have lots of questions, so we will try and answer what we can:

When is Astroneer Releasing on Nintendo Switch?
→ January 13, 2022!

Are there any differences in content for the Nintendo Switch version?
→ No. The game on the Switch will be the full game that you can also play on Steam, Xbox, and PS4.

Is there any additional content exclusive for the Nintendo Switch Version?
→ Yes! More info about Switch Exclusive cosmetics can be found here.

Speaking of pre-orders, when can we buy the game?
→ Pre-Orders are live as of December 2021. Additional details are here.

How does the game run on the Nintendo Switch?
→ It runs great. We posted some gameplay from the development version today on our youtube channel so you can take a look for yourself. We are really pleased with the results.

Will there be multiplayer?
→ Yes. The game will support online multiplayer and local wireless multiplayer for up to 4 players.

Crossplay & Dedicated Servers?
→ Not at this time.

→ That is a space snail. That is all we will tell you for now. <3


Ok, that concludes our little Q/A session. If you want to keep up with development and get details about when things go live, make sure to follow us at these places:


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Thanks to everyone for your continued support, lets make sure we welcome our new Switch friends into the crew!

– Joe Tirado / @staymighty