Hello again, Astroneers! Since the last time we caught up with the community, we released The Fall Update which features the EXO F.A.R.M Event, and added the Proximity Repeater to aid you in your farming (plus any number of other projects). The Trade Platform also got some love and brought with it a new way to make use of Astronium. Now you can use Scrap or Astronium to trade for resources and items via the Trade Platform.

Coming up next month is our winter update, which will be closely followed by another update. You may have heard we’re releasing Astroneer on Nintendo Switch in January 2022, and a new content update will coincide with that release! For those of you who join us in our Twitch streams, you may have already seen some of our leeks leaks that have given a glimpse into what’s to come in January. I won’t spoil it for you here, but if you’re curious about what we’re up to, check out our Discord for some hearty leeksoup brought to you by the generous donations of our annual Extra Life Charity Stream.

I announced the Community Initiative on the Astroneer Subreddit and Discord and said I’d include the featured entries in this Roundup. But there were so many great submissions that they won’t all fit here, so instead each theme has its own separate blog post instead! Check out the top 10 entries for the first two themes below.
September: Paradise
October: Alien Tech

I’m not sure I’d be able to take a stick to this incredible piece of art from DanaPinata (@pinatadf) on Instagram! They hand-made this Vesania pinata with a coordinating stick. For more photos, check out this post too. Do you think this one is filled with Lithium and Astrounim too?
Niko_colors is living their best Astroneer life in the middle of nowhere with a small base and big carrot farm.
This EXO Suit appears to have been ejected into another dimension. Thepoosh shared this little sus-bean with us on Steam.
After taking lots of photos in different environments, @ghostnextdoordesigns was inspired to draw some fan art of the Exotic Suit. This piece was shared with us on Steam, but be sure to drop them a follow on Instagram!
Jema handcrafted this diorama titled Astroneer Arrival from paper, clay, and polystyrene foam. When I first saw it, I was convinced it was a 3D rendering. I love all of the attention to detail with the exposed wires, the flora, research samples, and of course our friend EXO Suit! Check out other angles here on Jema’s steam post.
SentinelCZ1 drew the Swift Suit and asks what they should research next? And since you ask, I like to unlock Packagers, the Small Shuttle, and the Solid Fuel Thruster as soon as I have the Bytes. Bringing off-world finds back to my base makes me feel accomplished.
I really like u/ManRa_e1‘s creature made with a mixture of colorful terrain, power items, and platforms. Seems brave to be standing on this critter’s head!
StackMan88 shared his birthday with us on Reddit again this year! The cake looks impressive, albeit a bit dangerous with all of those Daggeroots and Thistlewhips, but just wait until he lights the candle. You can see more in his YouTube video!
Furyan takes us on a quick tour of their solar-powered home and garage built at a Gateway Chamber on Vesania. If you’d like to make your own check out the next video.
In this one, our friend and community moderator, TactileObject, walks us through how he creates a small house and garden. His guide includes windows, doors, rooflines, accents like recessed lights, painting, fencing, and even fixing mistakes.

Before we go, I wanted to do a couple of shoutouts to some folks in the community who made it their mission to collect one billion research bytes.

First up is Hollyxt who completed the challenge solo. Holly had a save with over 700 hours of play, large stockpiles of resources, and a couple of large automated research farms that had already amassed over 100 million bytes when they decided to push on to the next big milestone. Hollyxt doubled both farms and left their game running for three weeks while producing up to 85,000 bytes per minute! (Copy-cats beware, this is no easy task!) Check out Hollyxt’s Reddit post for links to more information about their setup.

The first report of completing the challenge in multiplayer comes from a group of guys in One Last Midnight’s Community; Zensight, Hull612, Ronlaflem, and Killmouseky. Together, they have over 30,000 hours of experience in Astroneer, most of those belonging to Ron who finished the F.A.R.M in-game event and was so hooked on the concept of farming and automation together that he decided to set up an elaborate farm where he ultimately accumulated over 100 Million Sturdysquash Samples on his own. In the video below Ron discusses how this led to the 1 Billion Bytes challenge for the OLM-Community Server. He and his crew talk about why they did it, the challenges they faced along the way, and answer the question — Would you do it again?

Everyone featured in this post will receive one of these exclusive community visors. If you’d like your shot at earning a visor share your creations, screenshots, photos, and videos with us wherever you hang out online.

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Big thanks to everyone who shared their creations, and thank you for checking out Community Roundup 004. The creativity and kindness among the Astroneer community is always a delight.

– Gina C.