The Astroneer Community Initiative presents community members with an opportunity to share art, screenshots, videos that focus on a different theme each month. The top submissions are featured here on our blog and the creator(s) receive an exclusive visor as a reward!

Here are the top 10 entries for our October theme: Alien Tech

A new tech proposal and Gateway Chamber art from A5TR0spud on Discord
Papa Mech from TactileObject on Reddit
An Astsroneer’s abduction from The Red Space Robot on Reddit
Astroneer: A Space Odyssey from Hollyxt on Reddit

Aliens visiting their tech from Lote480 on Reddit
A UFO sighting from Leviathan on Discord
Personal portal tech proposal from Niko on Discord
Alien Biotechnology, a cave full of xenomorph eggs from Notpc on Discord
A piece to celebrate the Interface series finale with an Astroneer crossover from Schwieber on Discord
The Gatekeeper Boss pixel art from MW Razer on Reddit