The Astroneer Community Initiative presents community members with an opportunity to share art, screenshots, videos that focus on a different theme each month. The top submissions are featured here on our blog and the creator(s) receive an exclusive visor as a reward!

Here are the top 10 entries for our September theme: Paradise

Welcome to Paradise from Hollyxt on Reddit
The Astroneer Paradise from Catornot on Discord
Terraformed Moon from Terrarosaurus on Reddit
Surfing the beaches of Calidor from Dr.Cat on Discord
A punny joke from JasonRed79 on Reddit
An oasis by TurnipDaNoyz on Discord
The Temple of our Marble Lord from StackMan88 on Reddit
Paradise at the Hotel California from Furyan313 on Reddit
Paradise is Summer from QuiltLynx on Discord
Poolside Paradise from TactileObject on Reddit