Greetings, Astroneers!

I’m Aaron, and I’ll be your friendly (cosmic) neighborhood technical designer.  I’ve just started settling in over the last week, but I’m already hard at work on enhancing our existing gameplay design (anyone up for some improved Rover handling?), and conjuring up brand-new mechanics and interactions to liven up your interstellar playgrounds.

Previously, I worked on 17-Bit’s Galak-Z, building things like transforming-mech grapple-arms, itano-circus missile-swarms, inertia-based ship-controls, and all sorts of other exciting, hyphenated wonders. I then spent a year lost in the cyberverse, developing the UX for a VR application platform, trying to figure out how to get antiquated 2D input models to harmoniously co-exist with new-fangled, spatially-tracked VR controls.

My passion is in making tactile mechanics that are intuitive and immediately fun, but with plenty of nuance and depth, providing for a high skill-ceiling. I’m beyond excited (post-excited? trans-excited?) to be joining System Era, where I’ll be set loose to tinker in Astroneer’s digital sandbox to my heart’s content. I’ll also be keeping a close eye on all the hijinks our players are getting up to, both to address gameplay frustrations, and for inspiration on areas ripe for expansion.

Thanks for welcoming me to the team, and I’ll now return you to your regularly scheduled blazing of the final frontier!