Hey all! Astroneer’s second 1.0 anniversary was February 6th, which means like a millennial, we are going to treat the entire month of February like it’s our birthday. To kick off the festivities, we threw an early birthday party livestream for ourselves, and because we are so selfless, we brought you a gift…. our 2021 roadmap. No applause necessary.

Setting the stage

First off, some context. Astroneer had an incredible 2020. Despite the team having to move to work from home, our metrics like sales and active players were better than our 2019, the year we launched the game! For us, that means Astroneer is still growing and we have planned a full year of content to continue building on two amazing years since our full launch.

DISCLAIMER: We like being transparent about what we are working on, and love to have fun bringing you into the process of making games. That being said, things change, ideas grow, and roadblocks come up along the way. Everything on our roadmap is subject to change, and we will be open and honest when that happens and why. We have a really ambitious plan for the year and while we are confident, we still want to prioritize the health of the team over meeting deadlines that might become unrealistic.

That is also why the details for future updates are greyed out. As we get closer and things are more locked in, we can start sharing exact plans, but for now, we mostly want you to know that we have 4 content updates planned. To be clear, that means 4 fully fleshed out content drops with some room to add limited-time events in between.

The Details

The roadmap in Feb 2020

As we revealed in the livestream, our first major update of the year will be shipping in the early spring, currently slated for late March. In this update we are adding an entirely new system into the game, the Missions system! We will share more details in the coming weeks, but the slated goal of the Missions feature is to help both new and seasoned players feel like they have goals when playing Astroneer. If you have ever jumped into the game and felt like you had NO idea what to do, the Mission board will have plenty of tasks to accomplish. For you veterans, the Mission board will guide you towards longer-term activities as well as help you onboard new friends you bring to the game! It will also be helpful as we grow the game, as we can add more directives to the Mission Board when we add future updates. Here is a look at the brand new Mission Board that will be accessible at all bases to track current missions and the place to turn in missions for rewards.

The mission board!

We also teased some oversized sized power generators, like the XL Wind Turbine! This update will include several changes and additions to the power system, and we are excited to add a variety of new power generators to allow for streamlining base power as you get into the late game.

The XL Wind Turbine

The XL Wind Turbine generates a massive 17 power units when fully activated so you can stop printing dozens of small or medium ones. Like the Missions system, we plan on sharing more details about the additions and changes as we get closer to release date, but here is another little tease that we will talk about soon:

Concept art from Kristina Ness

Ok, that is all for this roadmap update! We are super excited to kick off the year’s content with a bang and then ride the line into summer!

PS: We launched our own online merch store, and currently are taking pre-orders for a limited time 2-year anniversary shirt. Grab one here store.astroneer.space.