Hey friends! Joe here. Just wanted to gather all the information in one place about our plans for PAX West!

Once again we will have a presence on the show floor, but this year up on the sixth floor in booth 6117!


Come to the booth to play unreleased content, get yourself a show exclusive Recruit Bundle, and for the first time ever, buy some merch! After many many requests from our community, will indeed have a store in the booth stocked with exclusive Astroneer merchandise so you can bring a little space home with you! Behold:


We will have have all of these sets available for purchase, and every one of them will come with an exclusive palette and visor! We will still be giving away cards for recruit bundles, but the P.A.L set will only be paired with these purchases. As for questions about whether you can get your hands on these after the show, we have a very limited number of each of the sets and we expect to sell out, but we also would like to make sure that items like this are available online for purchase in the future.

Other than coming to hang at the booth, you should come see us on Friday Aug 30th at 1:30pm the Gearbox Main Theater Show! DETAILS HERE. We will be making a VERY BIG announcement complete with a new trailer and a first look at our next update and would love to see your faces in the audience. If you come to the panel in person, I will make sure you get one of the aforementioned P.A.L bundles!

Ok that is all for now, hope to see you at the show!