Update 18 Release Notes ( 

Update 1.18 will be going live on 1/19/2021 on all platforms!


Astropedia Quick Access: A number of objects in the game now have quick access to relevant Astropedia information. When viewing a tooltip of one of these items,  long press to open the  Astropedia. These items include: 

Updated Astropedia Information: Numerous Astropedia pages have been added or updated with more relevant information.

Added Pages

Updated Pages

Emote Selection Wheel: A new selection UI has been added for emotes. The new UI provides a visual preview of each assigned emote, and paves the way for more than four assignable emotes in the future. It also gives gamepad users access to a fourth assignable emote at long last!

Astroneer’s Second Anniversary: We’re officially two years old this February! To celebrate, players logging in during a particular timeframe will receive a unique party hat. Watch our socials for more details!

Nugget Updates: Visually upgraded resource nuggets, with the potential for performance improvements

EXO OUTFITTERS – New Items Available Now!

New Emotes

New Hat

New Mask

New Palettes

New Visors


The following bugs have been fixed as of version





System Era Merch Store: Today we are launching our online store! Expect lots of fun and unique items to come to the store in the coming months!