This massive update adds new items, gameplay missions, and an updated compass to help you on your travels! It goes live later today, March 31st!

Watch the trailer here:



Missions have been added to aid players in the exploration of the world and the tools used in their journeys. Missions provide helpful rewards for those who undertake them and can help boost progression.


Mission Log



Big Power

Multiple new power generating items along with a full rebalance of power generation and consumption.

New Items

Large Wind Turbine

Large Solar Panel

XL Wind Turbine



The compass has been completely revamped and enhanced with dynamic navpoint tracking!

Power Generator Changes

Small Generator

Small Wind Turbine

Small Solar Panel

Small Battery

Power Cells

Medium Generator

Medium Wind Turbine

Medium Solar Panel

Medium Battery

Solar Array

Power Consumer Changes

Portable Oxygenator

Smelting Furnace

Large Printer

Soil Centrifuge

Chemistry Lab

Atmospheric Condenser

Medium Shredder

Large Shredder

XL Shredder

Action Wheel

Following the success of the emote wheel, we’ve added a new interface for accessing a core set of tools through a single key/button.


Quality of Life Changes

Along with the Compass and Mission Log, the Catalog can at last be opened while seated in a Shelter or Vehicle, when opened through the Action Wheel.

Selection Wheel Improvements

The Action Wheel adds some usability improvements that we’ve also extended to the Emote Wheel.

EXO Salvage Initiative

The EXO Salvage Initiative returns for a limited time! Assist EXO in cleaning up debris items and shipping them off using the Request Platform. Collect, package, and export!

EXO now accepts Scrap resource nuggets as well, so industrious Astroneers can put their automated shredders lines to use.

EXO Dynamics will give rewards for participation, these include:

Customization Menu
Players now have an option in the main menu to assemble outfits from their list of cosmetics by combining an available suit, hat, mask, visor or palette and saving that outfit to easily swap.

Dedicated Server Support for PS4
PS4 Players can now play with Astroneers on other platforms by hosting their own dedicated server or joining another player’s server.  See server setup instructions here:


The following bugs have been fixed as of version







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