The Jet Powered Update contains new vehicles to speed up Astroneer’s traversal of land and air! Use the new Hoverboard to shred planet surfaces while your friends use the VTOL to scout from the lower atmosphere!

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The VTOL is a versatile flying vehicle, capable of hovering in place, or streaking through the sky. Use it to survey for resource deposits from above, skip over treacherous terrain, or navigate the vertical depths of planetary cave systems.


The Hoverboard lets you glide over the terrain with ease, both downhill and up, without a pesky reliance on gravity to keep you moving. Speed up travel along your existing tether lines or bring some power and oxygen along for journeys into the unknown. Just make sure to stick those landings if you want to avoid painful interruptions. Pro Tip: Pair it with a Solid-Fuel Jump Jet!

Leveling Block in Adventure Mode

  • This item can now be printed in Adventure Mode. It has the same function as in Creative Mode, but with limited uses.
    • Item Information
      • Byte Cost: 500
      • Recipe: 1x Full Small Soil Canister
      • Printer: Backpack

New Missions

New missions have been added for investigating experimental EXO Dynamics data. Curious Astroneers will navigate to Desolo and Vesania to recover this information and synthesize schematics for crafting new vehicles!

Compass navpoints have been integrated to aid in locating mission-critical points of interest:

Data Recorders
Unique EXO Caches that must be located and “turned off” to activate their paired MAT processing station.

MATs (Material Analysis Transmitters)
Processing and broadcast hubs that consume various requests to determine optimal construction methods for vehicle schematics. May require a wide variety of materials for proper analysis… and are also somewhat unstable.

EXO Chips

A new rare resource has been added that can be found on all planets contained in secure EXO Caches.

Recipe Updates

Debris and Scrap Adjustments

Large Station Debris – Adjustments have been made to the type of items that can be found in large station debris found on all planets. In general items found in these larger debris items should be more useful and valuable.

Debris Scrap Values – The scrap generated from shredding debris has been universally increased.

Thruster Tooltips

Tooltips for shuttles and thrusters have been updated to display real-time fuel levels and launch capacity.

EXO Automated Mass Production Protocol

The Automated Mass Production Protocol has been re-initiated! EXO Dynamics is once again asking Astroneers to provide large amounts of resource nuggets via the Request Platform.

Progress occurs in stages, with a different resource requested at each stage. Points are only given for the stage you’re currently on – cooperation is encouraged for efficiency! Ship off your goods for unique cosmetics and goodies along the way.

EXO Dynamics rewards contributions with:

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The following bugs have been fixed as of version 

Ok thats all for now! Stay tuned for a Q&A video next week where we talk about what is coming to the game next! We can’t wait to show you <3