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EXO Dynamics is proud to introduce the brand new Rails System! The Rails System brings a new mode of transportation to Astroneer that excels at efficiency and convenience. Place rail posts to build out your rail lines, and then board the new railway vehicles for a hands-free transit experience. And unlike other vehicles, railway vehicles can travel autonomously, perfect for extending the reach of your automation network. But that’s not all: rail lines themselves carry both oxygen and power, making them an excellent way to connect together distant bases and excavation sites like never before! 

Railway Vehicles 
The Catalog has been updated with two new vehicles custom-built for the Rails System. Railway vehicles can be used individually or chained together into trains up to six vehicles long. Just make sure you have enough power to run them; each vehicle in a train increases its power draw! 

Rail Cars 
Basic railway vehicle with a medium storage slot. Slower than Rail Engines, but can be chained together in either direction. 

Rail Engines 
Specialized railway vehicle used for personal transportation and faster trains. Provides a built-in seat, 2x small auxiliary slots,  and a headlight. Can only be placed on the front or back of a train. 

Railway Items 
Your new railway vehicles won’t do much good without rail lines to ride along! Fortunately, the Catalog has also been updated with a range of railway items for building out the rail network of your dreams. 

Rail Posts (Standard & Tall) 
The backbone of every rail line. Like tethers, they chain together automatically as they’re dropped. And don’t worry if you left your train back at base; the nearest train can be called to any rail post, at any time! 

Rail Junction 
Rail Junctions split rail lines in two, forming a 3-way connection. 

Rail Station 
The Rail Station offers powerful automation tools to assist in advanced rail logistics, including automatically loading or unloading trains. 

Updates and additions have been made to existing automation systems to take advantage of the Rails System. 

Railway Items as Sensors 
Rail Posts and Stations are equipped with reaction slots that activate in response to railway vehicles. 

Railway Item Pin Slots 
Rail Junctions are equipped with a pin slot for each of their three connections, giving you precise control over when each one is active. 

Rail Station Pin Slots 
Rail Stations are equipped with pin slots that will start a docked train moving in the desired direction. 

Quality of Life Improvements 

New SKU: Starter Bundle! 

We’re introducing a new Bundle available for all players as a one-time purchase. 


Store – New Items Available Now! 

New Hats 

New Mask 

New Palettes 

EXO Automated Mass Production Protocol  

The Automated Mass Production Protocol returns! Astroneers are asked to undertake the creation of large quantities of valuable resource nuggets to send off via the EXO Request Platform in exchange for useful goodies and stylish customizations. 

EXO Dynamics has changed up the resource requests this year and upgraded their transfer rocket to accept any of the following resources for varying points (per nugget): 

All Astroneers present are awarded points when a rocket is launched – cooperation is encouraged for efficiency! 

EXO Dynamics rewards contributions with: 

Tether Toppers 
Tether posts have been updated to get your automation vibes cranking – log in to experience these temporary decorations that are sure to turn heads! 


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