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Project CHEER Delivery Event 

EXO Dynamics is once again requesting the help of Astroneers for a holiday toy drive! Retrieve scattered toys from errant shipping containers or print your own for delivery via the EXO Request Platform module.  
Container crash sites have been reported on Sylva, Desolo, Calidor, and Glacio with numerous toys scattered about. Industrious Astroneers can create fresh toys via the Small Printer using Scrap and other resources. 
Some unique containers have been spotted on Sylva, Desolo, and Calidor which weren’t included on known shipping manifests. Weird. 

Packaged toys are worth different point amounts when shipped: 

EXO Dynamics rewards packages received with: 

EXO supplies useful items and resources along the way to boost your recovery or production efforts. Randomized recurring rewards are available after completing the main event including: 

Tether Toppers 

A favorite tradition has returned – log in for some extra seasonal cheer on your tether lines. Make cool designs, revel in their glow, and be merry! 

EXO Outfitters – New Items Available Now! 

New Hats 

  • Astrodome 
  • Fascinating 
  • Jacked In 

New Mask 

  • Landing Light 

New Palettes 

  • Galactic Glam 
  • Eclipse 


The following are known issues as of version

The following bugs have been fixed as of version