SandVoxNate celebrates Astroneer’s birthday by playing the snail song with a twist!
JessHider made this embroidery for her dad after enjoying many hours of Astroneer together. What a great gift!!
NickTechTalkYT shared this light-up 3D printed diorama with us on Reddit. those thether lines are amazing!
Mr. Pyton99 has been recreating Astroneer modules in Rebrickable. Check out his channel to see more!
Peri shared this chaotic comic with us on Twitter.
Our very dedicated Reddit community worked hard to get the Astroneer logo on r/Place. Well done all, check out the post from Skylerroan.
I’ve never wanted rings on Astroneer planets more. This colorful ring of beacons must have taken ages to place. Well done, Odd_Association_8060!
JerZ_FireYT made this box in woodshop class using a laser engraver.