Welcome back, Astroneers! Last month saw the release of the Jet Powered Update, where we introduced the VTOL, our first aircraft, and the Hoverboard. The VTOL allows players to survey planets from above or even go below ground to explore caves, and the Hoverboard lets you glide across any surface with great speed and ease.

Over the past few years, I have seen countless suggestions for both aircraft and hoverboards. Before joining System Era, I saw a live stream with Joe where it was said that planes “aren’t really an Astroneer thing” and players were pointed to Jetpacks as an alternative. Jetpacks were still relatively new at the time, and I was content with that decision. Like many others, I resorted to carrying platforms around while in flight, which is neat, but inefficient. I’m so glad the team revisited the idea and the VTOL is definitely an Astroneer thing now and it feels awesome! The Hoverboard is one of those suggestions I saw come up a lot but it didn’t really appeal to me personally. Leading up to our internal playtesting of the Hoverboard, I was still a little skeptical about whether this new vehicle was right for me. Once I finally got it, I became hooked and now I can’t imagine life without it! My Astroneer’s boots have hardly touched the ground since unlocking it, because why walk when you can hover?

I hope you all will keep the suggestions and feedback coming. If you’re looking for the best place to share your ideas, visit our Subreddit and tag your post with the Suggestions flair.

Jet Powered fan art has been abundant, even before we talked about the new vehicles players were sharing art featuring the Small Shuttle and the USS Menu. If you appreciate these pieces of artwork too, click the artist’s name in the caption to visit their original post and give them an upvote or a like.

SandVoxNate says they always felt the small shuttle is kinda cute and painted themself inside, and I must say…Nate is right. You can also check out Sand Vox Nate’s Astroneer videos on YouTube.
I don’t think this is what Shakespeare had in mind when he wrote Macbeth. This artwork comes to us from SuperRiz. He shared this piece in his Discord and said I could share it with all of you! If you’d like to see more of SuperRivz work, check out his Twitch channel and drop him a follow.
DavidZuren says they became infatuated with Astroneer prior to creating this realistic-looking small shuttle. And they really went to town creating it. David says they used Fusion 360, Blender, Substance Painter, 3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop, and Lightroom. There’s even another version on David’s ArtStation.
What the Thrust?! This VTOL fan art with the Flight Suit reaching for the moon comes from our Steam Community Artwork feed and was done by Shei_Patric.
A couple of months ago Reddit user Ongio4 shared their first ever 3D animation where they animated the Tundra suit stacking some resource nuggets, they have continued to hone their craft and recently posted this animation titled Astroneer Space Warp with the LREV passing through a mysterious portal. You can check out their other Astroneer animations here.
Wandering_LATE has been sharing their art with us on Reddit for a couple of months too. This one is called A Vertical Thinking. 🙂 You can see their other Astroneer pieces here.
This is a reverse glass art piece by Mango-Frappe. They painted this nostalgic piece on the back of the glass, starting with the details in the foreground and layered the details on in reverse order. You can find more of Mango’s art on their Instagram.
Since the day I learned of the hoverboard coming to Astroneer, I’ve been anticipating Tactile Object’s Hoverboard Course. He wrapped it up last week, complete with sick jumps, traps, and a timer. Check out the video description to download a copy of this save for y ourself. Be sure to follow Tactile Object on Twitter and YouTube to keep up with his other projects.

After a bit of trial and error, Redditor Bobthebeet conjured up a way to turn the VTOL into a bomber using button repeaters, packagers, storage, and dynamite. Would using this be overkill for opening my collection of EXO Caches? Nahhh.
The addition of the Leveling Block to Adventure Mode may have flown in under your radar with the VTOL and Hoverboard being the stars of the Jet Powered Update. But this was another popular community request.

Those not familiar with creative building in Astroneer might be confused by some of the strange angles produced when stamping down a block. Brandon, of Vainglorious Gaming, shared a handy tip for getting flat in the first video of his new
Astroneer Academy Quick Byte series. If you or someone you know is new or recently returning to Astroneer, the full-length Astroneer Academy series is a great place to start!

GameHopping recently returned to the game and kicked off a brand new Astroneer series following the Jet Powered Update. Follow along as they rediscover the mysteries of the Astroneer universe and encounter many new items and features for the first time.

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– Gina C.