Hello again! The Mission – Power – Compass Update released about 5 weeks ago and things have been going really well. An impressive number of Astroneers have made planetfall once again to participate in the 2021 EXO Salvage Initiative, complete missions, and explore further and more confidently than ever before thanks to the new and improved Compass.

Feedback on the update has been overwhelmingly positive. Many players have commented that missions are helping them progress and rewards give them a boost to reach their in-game goals even sooner. More experienced players have shared their impressive renewable power setups and expressed their approval of the changes to the power curve.

Thank you all for sharing your feedback and suggestions with us. Now, let’s take a look at some of the cool things you and your fellow crewmates have shared in the community recently.

Most of you probably recognize the piece of cover art above by John Wallin Liberto. Discord user Brooen brought it to life in the game and shared his creation with us on Reddit. I have never wanted the Large Rover Seat to face forward so bad!!

We quietly slipped a new feature into the game during the last update, and I am delighted to say that some of you have already found it and have been making excellent use of the canister horns. Here are a few of my favorites so far.

I came across some spectacular Fan Art on Instagram and Twitter. Saro shared the Flight Suit gazing into their shiny new Zebra Ball. It is pretty mesmerizing.

Lady_Bismuth shared two illustrations with us on Twitter, one of her character, and another of her partner’s favorite character. I love their choices of cosmetics, especially the purple and gold Royal Flush palette!

Lindsay, Matt, Trevor and Alfredo of LetsPlay made planet fall on Sylva to start a brand new base and kick off a fresh Astroneer series. Will Captain Lindsay and her crew thrive as they compete the missions before them? I can’t wait to see more!

PleasedShibe returns with his third installment of Astrolore. This time he takes a deeper look at the star in our happy little system aka Sol. Is Astroneer’s solar system possible? What kind of star is Sol? PleasedShibe has these totally accurate and completely scientific answers for you, just click play! If you haven’t watched to first two videos in this series, you should check them out here.

Would you like to be featured in a future Community Roundup? Share your creations, screenshots, photos, and videos with us wherever you hang out online.

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