Welcome to the first-ever Astroneer Community Roundup. Our goal is to spotlight a variety of community creations, fan art, screenshots, and other stand-out content each month. Let’s take a look back at last month to see what you all shared with us. Read to the end to learn how you can share your projects with us.

Terraforming isn’t the only way to leave your mark in Astroneer. These players used platforms, resources, and other items in their creations.

ScantyBow shared a New Year greeting with us on the screenshots page of the Steam Astroneer Community hub!

Wookie2104 used resource nuggets and figurine platforms to make a pixel Mario.

Using a Rover Seat and a pair of carefully placed Winches, Neonautics sent their friend on a slingshot ride. You should give it a try! (Tip: Hold the seat with your cursor while your friend enters.)

Astroneer fans are not only creative in the game, but also in real life. Here are some delightful pieces of fan art shared with us in January.

BigAngryPigeon shared this cute Astroneer couple, holding hands under a beautifully drawn aurora, with us on Reddit.

Lia drew their friend’s character on their iPad Pro and shared it with us on Steam.

Have you ever considered what Astroneer’s planets might look like in real life?
Liquid-cow did and took to Blender to create this interpretation of Calidor.

Content creators all over the world share their experiences with us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Here are a couple of videos I enjoyed last month.

CptSpaceToaster took on a brand new challenge — Astroneer without using his terrain tool. Is this even possible? How will he collect enough resources? How will he get to the core? Be sure to join the Intergalactic Appliance Alliance on CptSpaceToaster’s twitch channel.

Evan & Katelyn do cool projects with resin on YouTube, but not the macaroni-and-cheese-looking variety we find in Astroneer, the real deal hard cast stuff. Lately, they have been exploring space and crafting platforms out of an all-new type of resin on their gaming channel. Check out the latest episode in their Astroneer series.

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