Dec 16th is the 4th Anniversary of Astroneer’s public Early Access launch, and this year we decided to celebrate a little differently than we have in previous years.

Starting at 7am, we will be livestreaming over at with members of the community, development team members, and influencers who have supported Astroneer throughout the years! We will be playing on a dedicated server, loading up the ORIGINAL pre-alpha build to see how it holds up, and playing other games with team members.


We want to be flexible for this 12 hour stream, but is a rough outline that we are working with for the day:

7AM PT – 10AM PT – Community server shenanigans with Joe, Gina, and Onelastmidnight!

10AM PT – 1PM PT – Early Access build gameplay and commentary with Joe and Adam!

1PM PT – 3PM PT – Head to head gameplay with the team! We will be playing Among us, Ultimate Chicken Horse, or something similar.

3PM PT – ??? – Astroneer gameplay with community influencers like Tactile Object7, THill17, SDKPhoenix, Subliminal_Image, GussyMarie, VaingloriousGaming, and more!

Extra Life

During the entire day we will be encouraging our community to support our Extra Life campaign for Seattle Children’s Hospital! Check out this link if you would like to join the team or donate.

We will also be doing giveaways during the stream for exceptional support to the campaign. Win exclusive in-game palettes, QBITs, or just make us do silly things on stream!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you during the stream!