Hey friends! Here is our “mid year” check in to talk about our next update! Yesterday we had an awesome livestream where we showed off some of the things you will get to play with in a few weeks.

Setting the stage

First off, some context. Astroneer had an incredible 2020 and the first half of 2021! We are still tracking better year over year in sales, so that means we can keep adding fun things to Astroneer!

DISCLAIMER: We like being transparent about what we are working on, and love to have fun bringing you into the process of making games. That being said, things change, ideas grow, and roadblocks come up along the way. Everything on our roadmap is subject to change, and we will be open and honest when that happens and why. We have a really ambitious plan for the year and while we are confident, we still want to prioritize the health of the team over meeting deadlines that might become unrealistic.

That is also why the details for future updates are greyed out. As we get closer and things are more locked in, we can start sharing exact plans, but for now, we mostly want you to know that we have 4 content updates planned.

Update 2 – The Jet Powered Update

Thats right! Our June update is titled the Jet Powered update, and like the name suggests, we will be adding some new ways to jet around the game! This update will include new vehicles and a brand new mission chain that you will need to complete in order to acquire them. The mission introduces also introduces new items and an entire new gameplay system that you can work towards!

The Hoverboard

We actually did it. Now you and your friends can zip around on planets like it’s the year 2015. We went into lots of details on stream, but here is a recap: It is an item that fits in your backpack that can be deployed anytime. It consumes power, and while you are cruising, you can also carry items!


We also showed off another vehicle that we will share more details about in a livestream and video next week! For now, just enjoy this beauty and think of all the fun things it might be able to do 😉

If you want so see all of the other fun details, watch the full stream replay here! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1052339674

Other things:

We added some new items to the merch store! These are not part of any exclusive drops, but still, we love these designs and hope you will too <3

Grab these new items at store.astroneer.space.

Thanks for reading!